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Hey thanks for checking out my Blog! its pretty crazy trying to keep this updated, but i am going to try hard these next few weeks! so keep coming back! Thanks again!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So it is official! i am engaged! i am so excited for the adventure to come and even more so, the fact that i can share with each and every one of you a piece of my Happily Ever After, it will be a private blog so i hope o get you all on it! but it will be worth it! Starting with how we met and the proposal! just comment and i'll add you to the list :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Own the Night

it is hard to believe that summer came and went, it seems a little sad... but at the same time those leaves haven't quite turned color... so does that mean another month of summer? Here I am in one of my classes, i love life and am excited about what the month will bring. I have my family and friends by my side. I found my home and i am excited for the adventure that awaits. well i was thinking about what i could write and i figure that being how much I missed her and to make up for the time I didn't write this one is for my Bestest Bestest Friend Brittany Hathaway. YOU ARE AMAZING! i am so proud of the accomplishments you had in your life thus far. you really are so awesome. I can honestly say it took me 1 1/2 years to figure out where i stand in my life and you had it in months. You are such a blessing to so many people and everyone you come across sees that light in you too. i guess that is why everyone says you are their best friend, i never had to find the trust in you... it was always there. I can tell you anything and more and i know that i never have to worry if there is a bad outcome, you'll always be there. You are like a needle in a haystack, Best Friends can't get any better than you! I hope that one day i will measure up to you. That i can be as good of friend to you as you are to me! thanks for all those crazy days at D.I. and our random adventures we have had. I am even more excited for what awaits! You are such a strong person and I know without a doubt that this soon shall pass and you'll be back on your feet and ready to keep facing the trials in this life with your head up high! I love ya sister! Thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my bestest friend and that everything will be ok! i know it will you remember my promise.... if you need me anytime or anywhere.... I'll be there! Thank you so much!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So it has been quite the journey, I have loved every minute of Chile. It was the best 19 months of my life, I wish more than anything that i could just go bakc and live it all again, i miss those people! transition stage is the hardest... trying to get a car, back on your feet, a job, and above all... well in my case trying to keep my heart from being obliterated. it really has become such a struggle and ui wish more than anything if you are reading this that you will sympathize with me and maybe come visit... it is nice to be with the parentals, but other family is welcome to support me and above all just give me a hug. well i am going for now... a few pics of Vina Del Mar for now... man how I miss you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doo Da Doo It's all Good... or is it???

So this week has been pretty crazy.. change that this whole month! i am leaving in like 3 weeks?! my goodness it is getting so close! i am way excited that i enter the MTC soon. October 7th is my report date and did i mention that i have a party this weekend for my birthday? not to mention that our work is relocating to a bigger place next week and on top of all that I have to write 2 missionary talks for this sunday and next sunday?! *sigh* pretty crazy! i still need to get all my clothes and go through the checklist too! this is really crazy! I brought my computer upstairs to clean the house for the big party and i am getting all my stuff ready to move out. Ha ha i love to clean and more important you can't clean without some form of entertainment and y'all know that i LOVE music so that is fine with me! i have my iPod as my remote so wherever i am, i can still listen to the music and jam out! WAHOOO! oh my time is going by fast today! tomorrow i go and get the stuff for the party! crazy!!!! ha ha it will look amazing, i just hope people show up! well i am out for now. thanks for tuning in! talk to all you later! maybe keep you updated from the MTC ha ha ha... k never mind. almost forgot to tell you all that I have been called to Santiago Chile north Mission! Spanish Speaking! cool beans!!!
Adios! for now

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hey read this!!!

I have Stadium of fire seats up for grabs!!! if your interested please let me know!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Surviving

so things are pretty slow now, i wish i could write a message of how wonderful life is, but i've gone back to routine and when i am not trying to keep my brain busy, then i am thinking about people a lot. i am beginning a 30 day strengthen my testimony plan or project? sorry can't figure out what to call it. Anyway I am looking for answers to a question that has been in my mind since the beginning of February. i am reading my scriptures thoroughly every night and morning and really putting thought into my prayers every night for the next thirty days and more, hopefully this will also help me become more constant! then on the the thirtieth day i will be fasting and praying. i am nervous about the answers i receive, but at the same time, i am gaining so much faith already from this exercise and with everything that has happened so far
1- paying for mission stuff
2- Paying for a new transmission for my car
3- Paying for new tires
4- and getting rid of debt and bills
this has helped me look at the positive. i am continuing to grow and learn from this and i'll give you an up date about what happens as soon as i find out ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drum Roll Please!!!

So today i finally finished my mission papers!!! they are in! good to go! now i just await my call hurray!
this experience has taught me a lot to trust in the lord and i have never been blessed as i have seen with just filling these out and knowing that i am making the right decision. i am so excited to find out where i am going and how much i am going to grow and gain from this experience!!! it really is so exciting!!! so here is the officially big announcement! and please leave you comment! i would really like to know where in the world you think i will go! luv you all!!!